Every tourist who spent a summer holiday in Montenegro need to visit the The Big Beach (Velika Plaza). This Natural Beauty long 12 km, wide 60 meters, with beach area of 600 000 square meters, capacity of 150,000 customers and swimming season from April until October Velika Plaza is a place to enjoy.

Velika Plaza Ulcinj is the longest beach in the Adriatic coast; its crystal sand known for medicinal effects has beneficial health for problems with the limbs, sciatica, spine, and for the treatment of infertility. In area of the beach you will find well-organized private beach clubs (there are about 25 of them); all have different names, but all have a restaurant and snack/drink bar, bathroom facilities, beach chairs or sun beds and an umbrella, as well as various other props.

If your idea of vacation is connected with the beach and the sea, like water sports and various other beach activities, Velika Plaza is here for you.