One day of your vacation in Ulcinj you have to dedicate your visit to Shas. It is located within the Ana Malit (Vladimir) region, east of Ulcinj,. Once very important cultural and economic center on an important trade route between Ulcinj and Scutari, Svac today is a “dead city”. Turbulent history, legends and unfortunate series of events are related to this town. According to legend Shas once had as many churches as there were days, now much of these churches lay in ruin, with only eight remaining.

In the vicinity of the town Shas and river Bojana, is beautiful transparent, very rich with fish and calm eponymous lake with surface of 364 ha.

This lake well known for its diverse flora and fauna is a unique residence of diverse birds; in the colorful surroundings area of this region there are 240 various kinds of birds.