We suggest you to spend one day in River Bojana and Ada nudist resort.
If you think that you are a good fisherman you can go in the mouth of the River Bojana to the Sea and fishing “Lica”. With a little luck and fishing secrets you will catch big one. If Lica pass you, surely you'll catch another kind of fish, because on the river are identified 141 different species of fishes.

If you are not interested in fishing but love fish and seafood, you can choose one of the many restaurants on the River Bojana and enjoy fresh dishes. After this just skip the bridge and you are in the island. Ada Bojana on a two sides is surrounded by the beautiful River Bojana, and on the third side by the clean sea.
The island Ada is the target of many tourists from around the world who prefer a vacation in costumes of Adam and Eve; can you try.